Reconditioned Exxis 21″ Color CCTV System with Built-in Quad Processor and Four Cameras.

CCTV System – This color quad observation unit has a built-in quad processor, which allows simultaneous viewing of up to four different camera locations.

Included with each piece:


  • Four low-light 1/4″ CCD color cameras w/ 3.6 mm lens (SC4400)
  • 400 lines of resolution
  • One 21″ High Resolution Color Monitor w/ built in real time quad processor
  • RJ-11E inputs for cameras 1-4
  • Four 60 foot cables
  • One-way audio from camera to monitor
  • Four camera mounts
  • Two-way audio upgradable by adding intercom box (KO-600C)
  • Full featured on-screen Programming/Display & camera titling processor
  • Built-in, real-time quad processor, switcher and picture in picture processor
  • Alarm inputs on camera for connecting motion detector, door/window alarms, intercom boxes etc.
  • Alarm outputs on monitor for hook-up to event recorder to time-lapse recorder
  • Dimensions: 18.5″W x 17.4″H x 18.7″D