Digital Deadbolt

Digital Deadbolt

Model: 2210SC – Door Lock

With a high-security Digital Deadbolt, you can unlock the heavy-duty deadbolt by entering a secret code that you choose. Digital Deadbolt can be locked from the outside with a simple twist of the knob, and you won`t need keys to lock it as you leave the house. Now you`ll never have to worry about your keys being lost, stolen or copied again!

Unlike other types of combination deadbolts or keyless entry systems, this one is 100% mechanical, requiring absolutely no batteries or AC current. That way, you won`t have to worry about being locked out in the event of a power failure or battery run-down. The absence of a keyhole also provides additional protection, since no one can pick the lock, or jam it by breaking the key inside.

The system can be customized to your needs easily, including changing the secret entry code. All you have to do is reposition the tumblers. You can even change the number of digits by adding the supplied tumbler, or removing one of the factory-installed tumblers. It can also be mounted for right- or left-handed operation as required by the position of the door hinges.

•    Never worry about your keys being lost, stolen or copied
•    Lock or unlock the deadbolt without the need for a single key
•    No AC power or batteries required, so you won`t be locked out during power failures