Electric Strike/Buzzer

  • 16 Vac Power Supply

    Available in two models:

    Standard Door Strike (#5190) — This model can be powered with either 8-16VAC (250mA) or 3-6VDC

  • ADAM 7100-540-628 24VAC

    Adams-Rite Electric Strike 24VAC Fail Secure (Locked when power cut) Grade 2 (Medium Duty) 5-.99 Amps Current Draw.

  • ADAM 7101-540-628 24VAC

    Adams-Rite MFG. CO 24VAC, Intermittent Service, FAIL-SECURE (Power goes out-Door is Locked), Alum Finish, Radius Corners.


  • DO-001A MightySlim

    The DO-001A MightySlim is designed to be used primarily in wooden doorframes. Under certain circumstances, the DO-001A can be

  • Electric Door Strike Lock

    Model: DKES-C1-1FX

    Electric door strikes offer an economical way to secure standard doors.
    These strikes are available in both fail-safe

  • Fail Locked 1-3/4″ x 9″

    Model: 0161

    · Use with Rim Exit Devices with Pullman Latches
    · 12VAC/DC or 24VAC/DC
    · Accommodates 1/2″ to 3/4″ latch

  • Rutherford Heavy Duty

    All In One Electric Strike

    Rutherford make a great strike. It`s among the most versatile and very heavy duty. It

  • Securitron Unlatch

    This strike is a completely new kind of strike.
    A small motor actually pushes on the latch till it