Guidelines on Residential and Commercial Electronic Access Control System

An electronic access control system has a lot of benefits over traditional locks and keys. Electronic keys are difficult to duplicate because of its sophisticated structure. It uses database to store access code grants, complete history log details, and user-level access rights. Granting and removing authorization codes is easy with the help of this database system.

Although having an electronic access control system can make your home or your business highly secured, security risk is always possible if there is mismanagement. Below are some of the guidelines to prevent others from hacking into your access control system:

Most access control system uses password, usernames and/or pass phrases to authenticate a user. Here are key points to remember when setting up grant codes.

  • Making your access code lengthy increases your protection against password thieves. It should be 8 or more characters in length but the ideal is 14+ characters longer.

  • Use alphanumeric characters. Combine letters, numbers, and symbols so it will be harder to guest.

  • Create passwords that are composed of phrases or sentences and make sure you can easily remember it but difficult for others to guess.

  • Contrary to popular belief, writing passwords on a piece of paper is not wrong but should be adequately protected and safely placed. It is more difficult to compromise rather than using an online or third party password management software.

  • Avoid using your name, birthday, social security number or any similar information on your passwords. It is the first thing a criminal is using in hacking your access codes.

  • Consider misspelling the phrases to add more complexity on your passwords. Be creative to get more secured.

  • Change the username and/or password of your home security system regularly. This will prevent burglars and criminals in detecting and knowing your access accounts.

  • Finally, keep your passwords always secret. Treat much care and importance to it, as it is your way of securing yourself.