Mechanical Push Button

  • EE1000 Series
    EE1000 Series

    Mechanical Pushbutton Lock Double sided

    The EE1000 Series lock provides fully mechanical pushbutton access control with no electrical wiring, or

  • Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty

    Mechanical Pushbutton Latch Lock

    This new mechanical pushbutton lock is very heavy duty with a real passage function (may be

  • Kaba 5000
    Kaba 5000

    The new Kaba Simplex® 5000 has been designed for the simplest installation possible. The lock is shipped preassembled as

  • Mechanical Kaba Push Button
    Mechanical Kaba Push Button

    This is a mechanical residential latch lock. Automatically relocks each time door closes

    Series 6000 This is the slightly lighter