Residential Locksmith

Our residents can thank 24 Hour Locksmith New York for the security their families enjoy in their homes. We don’t play games and treat each household’s needs with the greatest professional care.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals, who offer you service in a 24-hour reliable service 7 days a week. We offer home security service: Door locks, burglar and fire alarms, intercom systems, CCTV systems, access control and sophisticated telephone systems.

24 Hour Locksmith New York gives you the peace of mind to get through your busy day knowing your valuables and loved ones are safe.

We also offer Residential Locks:
Over recent years, thousands of residential clients have chosen 24 Hour Locksmith New York to protect their homes and families. We offer products for your security at discounted prices with high technological assistance. Our technicians are professionals, who offer a 24-hour reliable service 7 days a week for your satisfaction. We offer a comprehensive home security service: all lock services, burglar and fire alarms, intercom systems CCTV systems, access control, etc.

 Residential Locks include:

  • Standard Knob set
  • High security Knob Set
  • Standard lever set
  • High security lever set

Each residential lock contains a numerous optional locks for our customers. We like to give our clients the option and the right to decide what type of product best suits their desire so they will be 100% satisfied with what we install for them.

24 Hour Locksmith New York always includes our clients with the decisions made for what is being installed to secure their home providing trust between our business and our clients which increase our customer liability.

Our phones never stop ringing from our customers that relay on our service.