About 24 Hour Locksmith NY

From its humble beginnings as a tiny company until the point of its uprising as a successful business, the 24 Hour Locksmith New York has grown and now offers state of the art services up to certain parts of the United States. By offering the best service available, we have the satisfied clientele that have made us the leading name in our field.

24 Hour Locksmith New York has become a major name in the lock and security field throughout the United States. Thank you to all our wonderful clients whose trust in us has made it possible for us to prove just how reliable we are.

We make it easier for you to relax!

24 Hour Locksmith New York takes care of all your lock, key and security problems, whether to your car, home or business quickly with as little inconvenience to you as possible and leaves you smiling, because our services come at such affordable prices. 24 Hour Locksmith New York will send our highly trained technicians to our customers that give us full trust and place their everyday security of their home in our hands and we do beyond our best to secure their home. It’s very important for us to gain our customers trust and never disappoint them because our business is based on trust and we receive our spectacular reputation because of our dependable and consistent work.

Residential, Commercial and Automotive Locksmith Services:
24 Hour Locksmith New York will install, repair, re-key and replace all types of locks and security setups and cut new keys at speeds that are hard to believe for your conveniences.

Alarm security systems:
There is no better way of dealing with fire and burglary problems at residential and commercial premises. Our technicians are always updated with our newest high rank of technology to guarantee a safe environment after our work is done.

CCTV surveillance systems:
We install top of the line CCTV products with the latest updates. It gives you the opportunity to observe from the spot you are in to a different location.

It’s mostly useful for employer watching his business and employee activity from home or a homeowner keeping an eye on his house from work. For years we have been providing high quality systems for you homes. Other companies might charge more because of the complications but 24 Hour Locksmith New York provides the best service you can receive with our brand name products at discounted prices that fit you budget with a security system that will leave you amazed.

Keyless entry systems:
To help create a report and documenting events at entry points.

Intercom systems:
This enables communicating with whoever is at your door from the security of your home or office. We offer clear sound and long lasting intercom systems. We provide high quality security so you can communicate with people outside of your home and throughout your home in different rooms.
This allows you to observe what is taking place outside of your home for your awareness and the security of your home.

Intercom systems include:

  • Home intercoms
  • Business, office, and buildings intercoms
  • Video and telephone intercoms
  • Buzzer systems
  • Wireless intercoms

24 Hour Locksmith New York offers the best prices with the best products with High quality service and peace of mind.

That’s why you should always choose 24 Hour Locksmith New York.

Give us a call at 347.753.8111 and discover why our clients, whom we treat like royalty, rest easy knowing that their problems will be solved no matter the time or case.

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